About Megan Burke

Color is the keyboard of my expression, of organizing space. An agent that holds my ideas together.

My painting process is intuitive. I bring freedom to my art in order to reach and express my vision. I use my fingers to manipulate the colors into forms, a representation of what is within.

I have a passion for realism and abstraction. One folds into the other. As an example; my Life Cycle series has a sense of variation in its stages yet remains linked thematically. Dawn of Creation's colors represent heat that is involved in growth taking form.

It is my connection to humanity and to the spirit of life that I hope impacts the viewer.

Studied In:

Gage Academy, Seattle,WA
2009, 2010, Abstract Painting with Julie Ricketts
Gage Academy,
   2008, Perspective Drawing with Geoff Flack
   2008, Mixed Media Landscapes with Terry Forchgott
Big Sur, CA
   2007, Vision Painting
   2006, Painting with Color and Nature
Hawthorn Artist's Retreat, Victoria, British Columbia
   2006, Oil Painting
Pura Vida, Costa Rica
   2003, Intuitive Drawing, Mixed Media
Corde sur Ciel, France
   2002, Abstract Painting
Seattle, WA
   Pratt School of Fine Arts - Still Life Drawing
   Seattle Central - Intuitive Painting
Community Art Courses, NY,NY
   1997, Art and Soul Creative and Art Life
   1995, Figure Drawing
Winnetka, Community House, Winnetka, IL
   1987, Figure Drawing
Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX



art'air 2007, Geneve, Switzerland
   September 2007